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 Hello gals…..

Whew is time flying!  Hard to believe it is already the middle of October!!

I wanted to let you know that I posted an updated sample of our potential logo.  Stephanie and I took the one that most people seemed to like and gussied it up a bit.  Please check the Bees Without Borders chapter thread on the Forum under Chapter Chatter and look at the updated version of the logo.  Let us know if you approve or disapprove so we can move forward with this.

Also, only one person besides myself was nominated for Chapter Leader and that person was not interested….so I guess we just need to have everyone’s vote…..if you want me to remain in that role….you can post your yea or nay on the forum with your yea or nay for the logo.

We have two opportunities for posting about our chapter and ourselves.  Stephanie (QueenofDreams4u) has opened up a Flicker Account for us to post pictures….please contact her if you are interested.   Julie (Willowtreecreek) has opened up a blog so that we can post bios and chapter news. Contact her if you are interested in participating in that blog.  These are both great ways for us to share more of ourselves with each other!!!

I received one journal page….thank you Aunt Jo….and posted it on the chapter blog.  I am so excited to receive and post more of them!!!!

Any chapter aprons out there??????  If you finish yours, make sure you post a picture for all of us to see!

Have a great rest of your week,


Bee Haven Maven


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Good morning Bee sisters!  I hope you all had wonderful Autumn weekends where you live!  It seems that Pennsylvania is in the midst of Indian Summer with blue skies and temps in the mid 80’s!  The leaves are just beginning to change.   I had a busy farm weekend….apples and brussels sprouts to harvest…..pie baking, beeswax processing….etc.Welcome to you gals who just joined us over the past week.  I will try to bring you up to speed……

Well, it seems that over the past few days everyone has been chiming in with their favorite design for our Chapter patch.  Thank you, Stephanie for gussying up that little drawing a bit.  So far, the majority of gals like image #2(see below)  I will contact MaryJane’s Farm to see if they can produce the patches for us!  If not, I will explore other avenues (unless one of you have one of those nifty embroidery machines that allow you to download and stitch images from the internet!)

Chapter Aprons……our chapter apron fabric was posted on a thread under Farmgirl Chapter
Chatter by Heather (PlumCreekMama)……….

“I found the Bees & Clover fabric (all 3 colors) here:http://www.equilter.com/cgi-bin/webc.cgi/st_main.html?catid=166&start=51&sid=31U9Hz1kqMHe8bJ-35107423523.44 ”
Several of you have already purchased the fabric.  It comes in 3 colors….pink, yellow, and blue.  Pink was produced for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Your apron can be any style you like…..it is your creation.  We do want to see a picture of it if you can post one, however.  If we have any Chapter get-togethers in the future…..that apron will be our uniform.  Otherwise….wear it proudly and think of your Bee sisters when you do.  I am planning to get a second patch to sew on the pocket of my apron, I think!
Journal Page…..I think Halloween is a good “due” date for our journal pages.  For the sake of time and convenience we have decided to each make a page and send to a central location for uploading to the internet and also to put them together in a journal for sending to MaryJane’s Farm.  I will take care of this process once you have sent your pages to me.  It would be easiest if you could send your (8 1/2 by 11 inch) page flat in a large envelope.  I have thought that perhaps the best way to handle the pages is to place each one in a vinyl sheet protector and then make a fancy journal cover for the outside.  This page should express what you want your “sisters” to know about YOU!!!  Pictures, embellishments, etc are up to your discretion!  Whatever you want to do is okey dokey!  Have fun with it!


Chapter Leader……i have had a few requests for me to remain in a leadership role and I will do that happily if no one else has a burning desire!  If you do…..speak up!  If we do not hear any more nominations, we will close this issue this Friday.   I just ask that you all bear with me as we travel down this road.  I will try to make this a great experience for us all.  I have had several offers from you all to help in whatever capacity you are needed and that is great!!!!  I am sure there will be projects, and activities, maybe some fun swaps that you all can take charge of in the future!

If you have any ideas for projects, speak up!  This is your chapter….let’s make it what you would like it to be.

Most of you are very busy, so we will not burden you with lots to do….but it is such a great feeling to be part of a sisterhood and get to know each other a little better.

Chapter blog…….Julie (WillowTreeCreek) posted the message below about our blog…..this blog is just another way for us to get to know each other….and to post info about the chapter.  Eventually, all of this info will be in a “henhouse” created by MaryJane for each chapter.  But for now……..we can start out here.

I think I will be trying to post on that blog sometime this week.  Perhaps this could be a place where we can post links to our own blogs also???


“I created a blog for us! Our blog address is https://beeswithoutborders.wordpress.com. I went with wordpress because I can not access blogspot from my work. I have assigned myself as administrator to the account. If you are a member of Bees Without Borders I can give you posting privlages. You will need to sign up for an account on wordpress.1. Go to wordpress.com
2. click SIGN UP NOW
3.Fill out user name and password info.
4. Select – Give me an account
5. Press next
You will than need to send me the email address you used to sign up for your account and I can add you as a contributor.

If anyone wants to create a banner for us for the blog let me know!

We are brainstorming for charity ideas….you will find a list of suggestions on the first page of our Chapter thread on MaryJanesFarm Chapter Chatter.  Feel free to offer more suggestions.  Also, that page will hold the list of current members…..Perhaps we should also put that on our blog site???

You all have been such a wealth of suggestions and enthusiasm!  I am having a great time with all of this and hope you are too!!! 

Have a bee-autiful week……see you around the forum!

Bee Haven Maven


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